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Hazer Commercial Demonstration Plant

Henderson, Western Australia


The Hazer Commercial Demonstration Plant (CDP) will demonstrate Hazer’s proprietary hydrogen production technology, which converts biogas from sewage treatment into hydrogen and graphite.

Valmec Group has been contracted to operate and maintain the Hazer Commercial Demonstration Plant (CDP), located at the Woodman Point Waste Water Recovery Facility (WWRF).

The Hazer CDP is the first large-scale demonstration of the HAZER® Process, a low-emission hydrogen and graphite production process, being developed by Hazer Group Limited.

This project is a commercial demonstration of the Hazer production technology
that can convert methane feedstocks, through the use of an iron ore process catalyst, into hydrogen and synthetic graphite.

The aim of the HAZER® Process will be to achieve savings for the hydrogen producer, as well as providing 'clean' hydrogen with significant lower carbon dioxide emissions, enabling such hydrogen to be used in a range of developing ‘clean energy’ applications, as well as in large existing chemical processing industries.



Hazer Group


  • Flexibility to adapt to change.
  • Leveraging a broad range of capabilities within the Valmec Group from commissioning, operations, maintenance, and project management, to mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and inspection services.
  • The CDP operations will be supported from our local Henderson workshop facility.


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