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Audi Centre DN375 Sewer Pressure Main Realignment

Perth, WA


The relocation of an existing sewer pressure main that traversed the property along the southern boundary to within the existing road reserves of Walters Parade, Parkland Road & Harborne Street, Osborne Park. The work involved excavating and backfill of trenches in road reserves meaning active traffic control, working in Trench Boxes and finally connecting into live sewer services.


Water Corporation


The sewer pressure main diversion was made all the more difficult by the number and importance of the existing services within the existing road reserves which we were trying to install the DN375 Sewer Pressure Main. Some of the existing services were high pressure gas and optic fibre Telstra which had limited as-constructed information available. As the entire sewer pressure main was installed within existing road reserves traffic management was of upmost importance all while ensuring that all excess materials from the construction were removed from site in a timely manner.


Valmec provided the flexibility of being able to work with the Water Corporation to plan the works around peak times. Valmec were able to work with the Water Corporation to do the tie in to existing live sewer services without incident.

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