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Balmoral Road Intersection Upgrade

Karratha, Western Australia


On the recommendation from the Shire of Roebourne, Jaxon Construction engaged VALMEC to complete this highly critical intersection. The works involved regrading and aligning a new roundabout on the busy Balmoral Road in Nickol West, Karratha. The work was critical due to the fact that Balmoral Road was closed for the duration of the works.


Pact Construction


Planning, planning and more planning! More time was spent off the project than on it. Hours of time went into detailed programming of the works so that disruptions would be kept to a minimum. Advance notice of the works went into the newspaper, in the form of letter drops and on various message boards.


It was important that a team of experienced operators be allocated to the project. VALMEC’s most experienced supervisor, Joe Wilding, led a team of 5 people with the program being achieved 60% earlier than planned. The Shire and our direct Client, Jaxon were extremely happy with the outcome of the project.

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