John Septimus Roe Car Parking and Roadways

Perth, Western Australia


This was the second of two contracts on the school grounds which involved the creation of more car parking on the school grounds. This second contract was significantly more complicated due to the construction of a modified intersection on the busy Mirrabooka Avenue at Balga Avenue. The work was highly complex with a number of services interfaces, grade correction on the main road and traffic to be managed.


John Septimus Roe Anglican School


A significant amount of services in the adjacent road verge, including a gas line, meant that interface with service providers was required throughout the project. Traffic management needed to be planned in fine detail as services were traversed and road works completed. The project was completed on time with the client
extremely happy with the outcome.


VALMEC provided both a cost competitive price matched with a team of highly experienced operators and managers to complete the project. The benefit of having experienced staff on the project paid dividends as work was completed without complication and in good time.

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