Gas Processing Products

Gas Processing Solutions

Valmec has direct access to market engineered solutions in surface production facilities for the full suite of oil and gas processing and treatment solutions and packages, including pre-engineered, modularised and stock processing plant inventory. These modular factory-built processing packages offer a significant reduction in installation time and reduce the time from order to start up. 

Valmec also draws upon years of proven and solid industry relationships from local Australian and international oil and gas technology providers and engineering firms for niche gas processing solutions. From three phase separation, dehydration and condensate recovery, through to LPG extraction, micro LNG and CO2 removal, Valmec can provide complete gas processing solutions to get our clients’ hydrocarbons from the wellhead to the customer, quickly and cost effectively.

The Valmec Difference

  • Valmec incorporates the gas processing packaged components into an overall solution that unlocks technical and commercial synergies and value adding opportunities not always available when considered in isolation;
  • Valmec sources the most appropriate solution for our client, from low cost, minimalist fit for purpose packages (new or used) to high specification, bespoke designs, suiting clients from start-up developers to major international operators and producers;
  • Australian ownership, management and expertise assures compliance to Australian Standards, legislative and customer specific standards and requirements;
  • Through integrated EPC solutions, Valmec can fast track project completion to earlier first gas compared to historic and traditional approaches;
  • Valmec can offer flexible contract models including build, own and operate/maintain and transfer (BOOM/BOOT).


  • Standard and bespoke skid and module packaged processing equipment;
  • Dehydration plants – TEG, molecular sieve, ethylene glycol systems;
  • Hydrocarbon dewpoint control packages (HDPU);
  • Refrigeration and cryogenic plants;
  • Sweetening plants for CO2 and H2S removal;
  • LPG straddle plants and enhanced oil recovery processing;
  • Condensate and natural gas liquid (NGL) recovery and stabilisation;
  • Sulphur recovery units.

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